Sometimes... An Engineer Is All You Need!

Outpost Curtiss DS-20 is an Engineering Support Base operating galactically north of the Draken System in the Taugan Sector. The outpost sits near the galactic western entrance to the Raeyan Transit Corridor. The station acts as an engineering, supply, and medical port for vessels going in and coming out of the corridor. A Research & Development Division is also stationed on board Outpost Curtiss to analyze technology discovered in the Raeyan region and research new technologies. And, the USS Janitza a Diligent-class vessel is assigned as a garrison.

Construction began in the year 2364 and completed by 2371. Originally used for scientific purposes, the station was abandoned at the height of the Dominion War. Finally, in 2380 the process of restoring and re-purposing the station began in earnest. Completion of Outpost Curtiss happened in 2388 and the station officially came online in December of that year. Presently the station is under the command of Captain Wyatt Hickerson.

We are a group of writers from all over the world dedicated to writing the story of our characters, their home here on Outpost Curtiss, and Star Trek. All types of writers who are at least 13 years of age and older are most welcome. While, we primarily focus on engineering other elements that make us unique are highly encouraged. Here on Outpost Curtiss we strive to have a fun and safe writing environment for all! Check us out and certainly join our ranks as Starfleet Officers or Federation Civilians.


Wyatt Hickerson
Captain, Commanding Officer

Latest News Items

» Several Updates

Posted on Fri Sep 29th, 2017 @ 12:54pm by Captain Wyatt Hickerson in Website Update


Several updates have been made and several more are yet to come. Here is a complete list of updates so far:

- Rules have been slightly altered please make yourselves aware of them
- New skin and images
- The Deck Listing has been completely redone to place it more in line with the fleet; there are posts that do not match up with the new deck listing and technically now the attack would be on deck 80 instead of deck 38. I will make the necessary fixes when I get the chance
- The wiki is being worked on in the background and will the link will be changed back over once it is about 90% complete



» new Crewmembers

Posted on Tue Sep 19th, 2017 @ 11:42pm by Commander Michelle Garrett in General News


Please join me in providing a warm welcome to three new crewmembers to the simm:

Lieutenant S'Toriin Asst Chief Engineering Officer Played by Gregory
Doctor Nadia Benson Ph.D. R&D Coordinator Played by Sam
Parin Parin's Bar & Gambling Owner Played by Wes

Welcome guys :)

Thank you,

Commander Garrett

» End of Episode 2 - Awards

Posted on Sat Sep 16th, 2017 @ 7:59pm by Captain Wyatt Hickerson in Sim Announcement


Here are the awards following our latest Episode great work everyone it was a really great episode and I know episode 3 will be even better! After consulting with the command team we also have decided to do things a little differently with the awards. Instead of awarding the PNPC's or the players for actions by PNPC's only PC's can be awarded for actions performed by the PC. Since that is the case in the coming days there will be civilian awards added as well for our civilian PC's.

In Character:

Purple Heart

For being injured in the line of duty when the Changeling Device was used against Outpost Curtiss the following have been awarded the Purple Heart Medal:

Captain Wyatt Hickerson
Lieutenant Commander Chelsea McDanielson
Lieutenant Commander Talvek

Starfleet Gold Cross

For actions of gallantry and bravery in the line of duty and facing off against a superior opponent during the Klingon Raid against Outpost Curtiss:

Lieutenant JG Zekur Lejas

For actions of gallantry and bravery in the line of duty and saving the lives of civilians while critically wounded following the attack with the Changeling Device:

Captain Wyatt Hickerson

Gold Star, Combat Action, & Meritorious Defense Medal

For combat actions and the defense of Outpost Curtiss during the Klingon Raid against Outpost Curtiss:

Commander Michelle Garrett
Lieutenant Commander Chelsea McDanielson
Lieutenant Jeffery Washington
Lieutenant JG Zekur Lejas
Lieutenant JG Tolam Pizal
Lieutenant JG Sinjohl Tagorn

Out of Character:

Bronze Meritorious Service Medal

For creativity and inspiration during writing a complete hand to hand combat sequence resulting in the eventual death of a PNPC:


Silver Meritorious Service Medal

For coming up with a major subplot, the Klingon Raid against Outpost Curtiss:


Gold Meritorious Service Medal

For coming up with the Ian McPherson character who was both cunning and added an excellent twist in the Outpost Curtiss arc:


Bronze Achievement Ribbon

For the continued improvement of Chelsea McDanielson who has really grown as a character:


Silver Achievement Ribbon

For the further development of Zekur Lejas and the steady improvement from the time he joined until the end of the episode:


Gold Achievement Ribbon

The improvement and development of Yvanka Dravex and finally moving past the early phase of character to character relationship:


Commanding Officer's Choice

This one was difficult to pick between those who were considered, however the Joint Post that she wrote with the simm Commanding Officer was very intense and very well written and, made a large change in the inter-relationship between the Captain and her character:


Executive Officer's Choice

He struggled at first with his two PNPC's, however the very end of the episode he greatly changed the dynamic of both not only with how they see themselves, but how others see them. Few can write a character who is only four years old, but he had taken the character and really ran with it:


Simm Improvement Medal

For the subplots that greatly enhanced the story seen in Episode 2:


Curtiss Service Medal

For the amount of work and dedication both in the presence of the Commanding Officer and when he has had to be LOA. One of the best Executive Officer's that the Commanding Officer has ever had the pleasure to work with:


» 6 Months

Posted on Mon Sep 11th, 2017 @ 2:05pm by Captain Wyatt Hickerson in General News


We have reached our sixth month as an active simm congratulations everyone. Without you this game would not have made it this far. As some of you know the six month mark is a huge accomplishment as few Star Trek simms make it to six months without closing down and in many ways it's like that first hump. Simms that last for their first six months have reached a major milestone and Outpost Curtiss has now achieved this. Also, as it has been six months several of us are now eligible for another crew award:

The Following are Awarded their Six Month Service Ribbon:

Captain Wyatt Hickerson
Commander Michelle Garrett
Lieutenant Commander Chelsea McDanielson
Lieutenant Commander Talvek
Lieutenant Jeffery Washington
Lieutenant JG Grant Trevors M.D.



» Simm Database

Posted on Wed Sep 6th, 2017 @ 7:54pm by Captain Wyatt Hickerson in General News


I have noticed that using mediawiki takes up a lot more space than anticipated. Plus a lot of the information provided there can be found using Memory Alpha. Therefore, I am going to move things over to the Nova provided wiki to move our more important pages to here over the coming days.



Latest Mission Posts

» Controlled Conditions

Mission: Episode 3 - The First Link
Posted on Sun Oct 8th, 2017 @ 10:04pm by Lieutenant JG T'Vrael & Ensign Logan Zheng

Logan was glad that station security had recovered the Changeling Device and all the information that had been stolen by the man who had attacked them. Now, that they had recovered the device the engineering research team were able to begin studying it under more controlled conditions. The device was…

» Junior Officers & Breakfast

Mission: Episode 3 - The First Link
Posted on Sat Oct 7th, 2017 @ 10:32am by Master Warrant Officer Lincoln Rose II & Ensign Avery Cantos & Ensign Reid Lynnwood & Ensign Suzanne Fairchild

Master Warrant Officer Lincoln Rose grabbed his bowl of oatmeal and two pieces of fruit off the replicator and walked over to another one where he ordered a glass of orange juice and a small mug of coffee. He looked around noticing that the replimat was almost completely deserted.


» Frustrations & Interrogation

Mission: Episode 3 - The First Link
Posted on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 11:29pm by Lieutenant Jeffery Washington & Ian McPherson

Lieutenant Washington entered the Brig where Ian was sitting behind the forcefield of a holding cell. Jeff had both hands behind his back with his fingers interlocked. As soon as he stepped in front of a table he grabbed hold of a chair and carried it over to the front…

» A Trickle Effect

Mission: Episode 3 - The First Link
Posted on Wed Sep 27th, 2017 @ 10:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Chelsea McDanielson & Lieutenant S'Toriin & Nadia Benson Ph.D.

Chelsea placed another PADD down on the desk before she sighed heavily and rubbed the bridge of her nose. Even with the additional personnel from other departments it felt like they would never catch up. It was quite frustrating and with the sheer number of vessels that were scheduled for…

» Early Start

Mission: Episode 3 - The First Link
Posted on Wed Sep 27th, 2017 @ 7:13pm by Lieutenant JG Sinjohl Tagorn & Captain Wyatt Hickerson & Lieutenant Joan Weatherly

Wyatt stepped off of the shuttle on board the Deimos and headed straight for main engineering. Just as soon as he entered the space he slipped the uniform jacket off and hung it up so that all he was wearing was the red undershirt and the sling. The Captain did…